Epitope Mismatch Algorithm

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How to install HLA-EMMA

HLA-EMMA was developed at the department of Immunology, LUMC and is a free tool for registered users to compute donor and recipient HLA compatibility at...

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How to get a license for HLA-EMMA

HLA-EMMA requires an activation key. To activate your copy of the software, you will be prompted for a licence. Please send an email to info@HLA-EMMA.com...

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HLA-EMMA interface overview

HLA-EMMA is a user-friendly tool to define polymorphic solvent accessible amino acid mismatches between recipient and donor. HLA-EMMA generates for each donor HLA allele a...

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How to use the Batch option

With the batch option, an unlimited number of donor and recipient pairs can be analysed at once. The batch input format is a Microsoft Excel...

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