Epitope Mismatch Algorithm


HLA-EMMA is a software package designed to perform HLA class I and class II compatibility analysis on the amino acid level. HLA-EMMA predicts & analyses HLA antibody formation.


HLA-EMMA was developed using several public databases and open source software packages.
You will find more information about the websites, tools and articles in the source section.

About us

HLA-EMMA was developed in the Transplantation Immunology Laboratory, dept. of Immunology, LUMC Leiden, under supervision of Dr. Sebastiaan Heidt, Dr. Dave Roelen and Prof. Dr. Frans Claas.


By using this website you agree that its contents are used for research purposes and not for making clinical decisions regarding patient care and donor selection. Whereas we use our best efforts to provide high-quality software and verify that the data contained therein have been selected on basis of sound scientific judgement, it does not offer any guarantee about its accuracy.

When HLA-EMMA is used for scientific research that is to be published in a scientific journal or used in a presentation, please cite:

Kramer et al., HLA 2020.

PMID: 32227681

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How to install HLA-EMMA

HLA-EMMA was developed at the department of Immunology, LUMC and is a free tool for registered users to compute donor and recipient HLA compatibility at the amino acid level. This tool is only available for Windows OS. Please create a login and download the setup.

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How to get a license for HLA-EMMA

HLA-EMMA requires an activation key. To activate your copy of the software, you will be prompted for a licence. Please send an email to info@HLA-EMMA.com with the generated key to obtain a licence to activate your copy of HLA-EMMA.

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HLA-EMMA interface overview

HLA-EMMA is a user-friendly tool to define polymorphic solvent accessible amino acid mismatches between recipient and donor. HLA-EMMA generates for each donor HLA allele a total number of amino acid mismatches and number of solvent accessible amino acid mismatches.

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How to use the Batch option

With the batch option, an unlimited number of donor and recipient pairs can be analysed at once.
The batch input format is a Microsoft Excel file and the output file of HLA-EMMA is a XML file which you can easily import in Microsoft Excel for further analyses.